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5 Hangover Cures You Haven’t Already Tried

By Jacob Moynihan on   2017-11-03 19:25:00

We've all been there. 'One drink' turned in to 'one too many' drinks, and now your pounding headache is a constant reminder of why you tried to limit yourself in the first place. After taking Advil, chugging Pedialyte, and eating the greasiest food possible, your hangover is still raging on. Thankfully, we've found 5 lesser known, science-backed hangover cures to help you get back on your feet! We can all drink to that.

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7 Innovative Companies Shaking Up The Alcohol Industry

By Jacob Moynihan on   2017-10-25 17:50:07

In the alcohol industry, new and innovative companies are popping up daily. From brilliant apps, to smarter software programs, and game-changing websites, there's never been a more exciting time for the industry. Below are seven companies shaking up the way we learn about, purchase, and consume alcohol!

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