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Timeless Wine Sales Challenges and Solutions

Nov 18, 2019 5:00:00 AM / by Cyrus Azari

wine sales challenges and solutions

Here are the 3 biggest challenges facing salespeople today. You can mitigate these problems by having a solid buyer persona.


1) The Case for Change


The status quo stays the status quo because its easier than making a change. Why should I have to reprint my menus for your lousy wine? Many business see change as a impediment to accelerating their growth as a company.  22% of salespeople state that building a case for change was one of their top challenges. 


Even if a business does want to change, there are many, many options, which also becomes a hindrance. 21% of salespeople stated that "compared their options" was another challenge they had to overcome. 


Bottom line, its tough to make a case for change, and even when you do, then the prospect starts comparing. 


So what do you do? You must identify the elements in a business that can be subject to change. What is their strategy with their customers? What is the risk/reward ratio? What is the underlying problem you are trying to solve with the business? 


2) Prospect Appointments


Its hard to get a time to sit down with a prospect. 14% of salespeople said that setting appointments with prospects is their biggest challenge, followed by talking to the decision maker. (we have a technique to increase your chance of talking to a decision maker here)


What you need to do is find a hinge issue with the company, and then position yourself as the solution to that issue. For example, a wine list with no Merlots or Pinot Noirs can be seen as a hinge issue to exploit if you carry those particular wines. 


3) Unpredictable Market = Unpredictable Habits


People are scared of the market. Right now there is a real fear of an economic slowdown, meaning people are saving money and not spending - and those that do spend are doing so with the utmost due diligence and risk mitigation. 


You need your value proposition to take this into account. Don't eliminate the perception of risk because that is outright deceitful. Risks needs to be evaluated, understood, and put against the reward. Show proof of concept from other accounts to help your prospect make the leap into becoming a customer. 


Don't forget to talk like a pro when dealing with your prospects! We have a glossary of terms to help you do that below, just click the link! 

Download Glossery Here


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Written by Cyrus Azari

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