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How to Close Deals in Wine Sales

Nov 11, 2019 5:00:00 AM / by Cyrus Azari

CRUSH wine sales with these closing tactics

To sell wine and make great wine sales, you need to be able to close. Here are guidelines to help you close your next wine sale. 


(Hey, before you start closing make sure you’re talking to the right person to close! We did a write up here on that subject, make sure to read that before reading this!)


Oh, and 2 more things - 80% of sales are made by 20% of salespeople, and it takes an average of 18 calls to actually connect with a buyer. Point being, these are not silver bullets, these are techniques you can use, but its only one part of your greater toolkit. 

Summary Close


Mainly you provide a summary of the items the prospect might buy. Something like:


KEEN SALESPERSON: “So we have 2 cases of the 2012 Pinot Noir, from the estate vineyard, and barrel-aged for 2 years. When will we be delivering this?


By listing out the perks and features of the product, you’re helping the prospect better understand what they’re getting out of the deal.  


Or another one, often used in the tasting room. A different take on the summary closing tactic: 


KEEN SALESPERSON:: “Which wine was your favorite?”

PROSPECT: “*their answer*."

KEEN SALESPERSON: “Great! How many bottles would you like?”




More often than not, your prospect is going to ask for some sort of kickback - be it a discount, swag, or something. Usually in these types of negotiations, the prospect has more leverage and power over you, so they expect some kind of quid-pro-quo. Assuming you have the latitude to give out a kickback, you can use this line to really flip the script:


PROSPECT: “Can you give me a better rate on these cases?”

KEEN SALESPERSON: “Sure thing, but if I do that, you need to commit right now.” 


By acquiescing to their demands, you can catch the prospect by surprise. One, because they aren’t expecting you to say “yes” to their demands so quickly, and the second because you’re proposing to close the deal right then and there. 


It helps to be agreeable if you know how to do it!


Question Closes


When selling, you want to make sure you’re asking the right questions.(Here are a ton to get you started) In this context, the “right questions” are questions that, from the beginning, are aimed to close the prospect. Good salespeople focus on the close from the start. 


More often than not, the problem is money. Retailers, restaurants, they all need more positive cash flow. That said, you might want to ask the question:


“In your opinion, does what I am offering you give you the margin you need?” 


Depending on the answer you might be able to close right then and there. If not, then the question opens the door to understand more about your prospect. 


Here is one of my favorites, too when getting pushback on your product. 


“Where do we need to be to make a deal?”


It's simple and cuts to the biggest barrier - money. 


Soft Closes


With a soft close, you are gently probing to see if the prospect is ready for a “hard” close. Asking a question along the lines of “If I could give you a margin of 40% would you be interested in learning more?” 


It’s coy and clever. You state the benefits of your product without putting the buyer on the spot, and you open them up with a question. The more you can learn about your buyer's pain points, the better you will be able to sell them on solutions.


Play the Timing


This is a tried and true tactic. Ever see an offer that says “Buy now and get an additional 30% off!” These are old yet effective tactics for helping close a sale. By putting a time condition on the offer, it gives the prospect the incentive to close the deal immediately. 


Takeaway Closes


A time-old technique here. It works off this old premise: take something away, and suddenly it becomes much more valuable to a person. Think about how Vincent Von Gogh’s art appreciated overnight after this death when it was relevantly unknown and worthless during his life. 


Cyrus, what the hell am I going to cut with my case of wine you might be thinking...and I got you covered. Remember that you’re not just selling your wine, you’re also selling the brand. The product training you will provide...the access to your tasting room for employee events...use of your guesthouse, whatever it may be as apart of your “package,” and start cutting features and price until they are satisfied. 


Now, back to the above analogy, people hate it when suddenly they can’t have something, even if they never had it or were interested in it before. Suddenly, that original price looks a lot more appealing, because it includes all those extra features that come with your brand. 


If you’re looking for more sales strategy, try out our eBook on the winery direct strategy. It's the best way to gain massive profits from your products! 


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Written by Cyrus Azari

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