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The Secret to Creating Lifetime Customers

Jul 8, 2019 4:22:38 PM / by Cyrus Azari

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Do you ever have a friend that loves a specific brand, to the point that they evangelize and only sing their praises? How do these brands build such loyal cohorts of customers?

To do this, you must first understand what the nature of branding is. According to, it is "the process of forming memories, emotions, and relationship around your brand in the customer's brain."

Think of it like this - have you or anyone you know ever say, "I need a Kleenex?" What they're asking for is a napkin or tissue, but Kleenex has created such a good brand and branding that people are using Kleenex over the tissue. The brand has replaced the product.

Another fantastic example of branding is Harley Davidson. They have done such an excellent job of creating a culture and emotions around their motorcycles that consumers of this brand will get permanent tattoos of Harly's logo on their body.

Speaking of permanent tattoo logos, Domino's pizza had an offer in Russia that anyone who got a tattoo of their logo gets free pizza for 100 years. It was so wildly successful that they had to end the campaign.

"Russian social media was flooded with images of the Domino's logo tattooed on fans' legs, arms, and elsewhere as people tried to join the promotion."

Think of how much publicity and the lifetime return on investment for the company. For the rest of these consumers lives, they will have a tattoo of Domino's logo. In the metric of forming memories, emotions, and relationships with a consumers brain, I would say this knocks it out of the park.

So we see good examples of branding, but what can you do?


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Start by "branding" your customers. Put the cattle branding iron away; I'm talking about creating a term for your employees and customers and have that term align with the core principle/ethos of your company. The marketing agency Savvy Panda refers to employees and customers alike as "pandas."

Best Made Company's about us page - keep in mind this is about the company:

"Our customers are makers, adventurers, tinkerers, and curiosity seekers who only want one thing: quality. In a world where true considered quality is increasingly rare, we are a reassuring promise that there are those who are still devoted to the craft of well-made things."

The company brands itself based on the customer it is serving. The people who buy one of their items is - in a sense - also becoming a "maker, adventure, tinker, and curiosity seeker." The motorcycle rider isn't a motorcycle rider; it's a Harley rider.


Branding your customers also serves another powerful effect. Know what a buyer persona is, right? The target person your product is designed to appeal to - by branding them you are in essence creating a sort of feedback loop - for real-world examples return to Harley Davidson or Best Made. If I don't buy from those brands, how can I say I'm a Harley rider?

Another very compelling way to appeal to your customers and create excellent branding is to send a letter. That's right, a hand wrote, company logo embossed letter is an extremely personalized message to an individual. Do you know what personalized, non-digital communication does for humans? Oxytocin. It's a chemical that our brains release when we make a real connection with a person. Having your brand be in a position to help release that chemical does precisely what we want - creating positive emotions with our brand and company.

When looking for rapid growth and scalability digital is the best - but when you are trying to have a real connection with a person you want to take things offline and go for more traditional methods of communication.


We've taken a deep dive into the top beverage and non-beverage brands and have compiled an ebook with some great information that you can start using to create more loyalty and longevity with your company! Take a look at this ebook below:

You can also take it a step further by downloading our ebook on branding!

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Written by Cyrus Azari

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