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Secure More Chain Sales With Proper Merchandising Strategies (Part 2)

Sep 11, 2019 12:14:25 PM / by Cyrus Azari

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Check out Part 1 of this article here. 


As soon as I switched to the heavy glass for my Cabernet Sauvignon, I found it was much easier to sell it at the retail price of $125. 


The bottle would sell itself because the packaging communicated quality through touch. 


When creating your bottle package for your wine you have to think about what it's going to look like on the retail shelf, how it's going to feel in your customer's hands, the impression your label is making, and how it will be merchandised. 


(We have an article on the power of a well-made label here if you want a deeper dive on that) 


This is just one of the many merchandising considerations you need to think about when marketing your product. 


You need to make sure to work with your retailers to ensure that your products are merchandised and cast in the correct light. 


Here are merchandising concepts to keep in mind when creating your product, and when working with retailers. 


4) Texture and Material are VERY Important


To the original point above, people are going to touch your product, lift your product, and walk around with it. How do you want that experience to play out? If you use cheap Chinese glass (well, not so cheap these days…)that doesn’t weigh anything, then it's going to give a cheap impression to the consumer or the retailer that has to merchandise it - or maybe you want it to come off as cheap, so it appeals to price-conscious consumers. 


When your packaging communicates quality intrinsically - that is by the very nature of the material used - everyone knows it, wine distributors, retailers, and consumers. 


If you’re looking for a high-quality wholesaler to get material from, I recommend Masilva USA. 


Other factors that play into perception is what material the product is positioned on. Like having merchandise on a wooden display. Wood tends to give an impression of “real, authentic, and organic.” So when putting the product on a “rustic” looking wood, consumers expect it to be at a higher price, for example. 


Download Glossery Here


5) Showing off Usage


Another compelling mechanic for marketing is imagery that shows off people enjoying your products.


How do you think a retailer might feel if you had an advertisement to feature alongside your wines for their display area? Take some pictures of patrons in your tasting room drinking your wine with a bottle prominently displayed. Use Canva to bring that image in and play with it to create some point-of-sale advertising. 


You can use this guide to help you get started with designing point-of-sale materials.


Yours or the retailer displays need to show the users smiling and genuinely enjoying their time with your product. Psychological it helps the customer make the connection that this particular product will bring value and benefit to my life. 


Merchandising is all about making your product more enticing to the person that sees it. 


6) Cross Promotions (Similar to Impulse Buys) 


The savvy retailer will always keep complimentary items next to each other. Salty snacks next to alcohol, corkscrews, and cheeses next to wine, ice cream with cones nearby, you get the picture. 


As a winery, you can capitalize on this. Make your own branded merchandise (t-shirts, corkscrews, bottle stoppers, etc.) and see if the retailer you're working with would be okay with you having an area for customers to pick up your merchandise. (and if you want to sweeten the deal and get your foot in the door, why not see if you can leave 10 corkscrews with the retailer on consignment?)


There are a lot of opportunities for merchandising with your retailer partners, and many of them welcome the help. Use these strategies to help you hit your sales goals - and if you need help reaching your goals, we have an article to help you get started meeting your sales goals. 


Also, when engaging with retailers, make sure you know how to speak their language. We compiled a glossary here to help you out. 

Download Glossery Here

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Written by Cyrus Azari

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