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Facebook Wine Sales Made Easy

Oct 21, 2019 5:00:00 AM / by Cyrus Azari

wine sales in social media

Facebook is a powerful social media tool that can aid your business in capturing the ideal customers for your company - and it can potentially bring them in droves. 


Make sure you’re branding correctly on social media, as these strategies will bring a LOT of eyes and visitors to your companies page and/or website. 


Leverage these Facebook strategies for growth and GREAT PROFIT!


Give me value or give me death! (or lack of sales…) 


An ideal customer is a person most likely to buy from your store. Think about who you will find value in the products and services you offer. 


Sam Kusinitz, in his article, The Definition of a Buyer Persona [in Under 100 Words] states: “A detailed buyer persona will help you determine where to focus your time, guide product development, and allow for alignment across the organization.”


You must make sure that your advertising is geared towards your business's unique buyer persona. 


Your creativity is the limit! Try to imagine talking to your ideal customer, and then ask questions to the tune of:


  1. What might this customer's income level be?
  2. How far is he from my business?
  3. Bourbon? Gin? Vodka? Wine? Beer? I wonder what this person’s favorite drink might be? 
  4. What is their favorite band? Car brand? 
  5. What moral values do they have? 
  6. Whatever else you can think of! 


Precision, laser-guided, heat-seeking advertisements!


Once defined, you can target this persona very effectively with Facebook ads. Sherman Standberry, in her article “The Best Social Media Platforms for Social Media Marketing in 2018, states “With Facebook ads, you can target those who are most likely willing and ready to purchase your products or services.”


The success of your marketing is going to be how well you can define your ideal customer, so make sure that definition is firmly in mind before advertising. Here are some strategies to better appeal to your target demographic. 


A gift (certificate) that keeps on givin’


Gift certificates giveaways to are a fantastic way to generate more foot traffic to your store. According to Worldplay“ ...over half of consumers using a gift card will visit more than once to deplete their card, providing additional upsell opportunities.” 


Having a gift card giveaway will guarantee that your target persona will be walking through your doors, giving you the opportunity to convert them into a loyal customer. A $50 gift card for a lifetime customer, doesn’t that seem like a great deal for you?


Free beer (or wine…)! 


Permit allowing, an in-store tasting that occurs on a reliable schedule is a great way to bring people through the door. Heres an idea: customers that buy wine don’t need to pay for their tasting - a great way to incentivize a prospect to buy. Also, this is also a great time to get an e-mail to keep in touch with your customers. 


According to the Beverage Trade Network, “ Plus, over half (again!) of the consumers using a gift card will visit more than once to deplete their card, providing additional up sell opportunities.”




Putting a downloadable coupon in a person’s Facebook feed is a very easy way to grab their attention. The opportunity cost is simply the time it takes to create a coupon and the ad. The rest takes care of itself. 


According to RetailMeNot’s latest edition of its Shoppers Trend Report, 96% of Americans are coupon users. An offer for a coupon can be a compelling reason to buy for a consumer. 


A final note, don’t forget you can also leverage Facebook for selling to businesses too. Social selling is a great way to get your foot in the door with many restaurants or retailers (provided they are active on Facebook.) 


We also have a strategy for going winery direct - it's in our eBook below. Check it out!


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Written by Cyrus Azari

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