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They Call Her 'The Moneyball of Wine'

Jan 27, 2019 3:25:00 PM / by Jacob Moynihan

When a company launches a new product, they hire a PR firm. When a corporation wants to redesign their headquarters, they hire an architect. When a wine business wants to gain competitive advantage, they hire Cathy Huyghe. As the Founder of Enolytics, Cathy and her team have perfected something most people haven't even attempted; making wine data useful.

Bringing Data and Wine Together

To understand how Enolytics works, you have to first look at the person behind it. An alumna of Harvard University, Cathy Huyghe holds Masters degrees in both Design and Journalism.  Her investigative instincts, advanced writing skills, and deep knowledge about wine create a world-class combination perfect for uncovering wine data (oh - and being a columnist for Forbes).

"If Billy Beane leaves the A’s to buy a Napa winery, he’ll be hiring Cathy Huyghe. This is the Moneyball of wine." — Joe Janish, SweetSpot Blogger (ESPN) and Director of Public Relations, Banfi Vineyards

Cathy's company, Enolytics, focuses exclusively on big data within the wine industry. They help companies visualize data in ways that are relevant to their business and needs. So, what 'data' are we talking about here? Enolytics aggregates data about wine from every possible source. They use data that is publicly accessible such as reports, studies, and censuses. They also use data from third-party sources, or what Enolytics refers to as their "big data partners".

The geographic locations where Enolytics gathers wine data from

Enolytics_Merchant23_World Map.png

Cathy and her team use technology to mine wine consumer data records. By tapping into different partners, they're able to create a full picture of a brand or market. It's these visuals that make Enolytics so valuable. Why? Data can be overwhelming. Raw data is useless if it can be interpreted. Thankfully, Enolytics have become masters of visual reports.

"We package and visualize that data so that the intelligence it holds is more easily accessed, and provides insights for strategic and operational opportunities."

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How Enolytics Makes Data Easy to Understand

The visual below shows the U.S. counties that buy the most wine by volume. This is great information to know if you are a winery looking for distribution in new markets or a retail chain interested in opening new locations (wine has higher monetary profits than most items in a store, which is why grocery stores carry so many!).

U.S. County's that sell the most wine by volume 

Enolytics_Merchant23_County Map.png


Isn't it eye opening? But the data doesn't stop there. How about if you're a distributor in New York City, and you want to know which specific accounts your sales reps should focus on? Enolytics can help with that too. 

Heat map for consumers interest near South Central Park, NYC
Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 9.59.40 AM.png

Image courtesy of Enolytics

The heat map shows where consumer interest is - i.e. where the people who buy wine are looking. Its accuracy is within 100 feet. Think of the implications! A company (retailer, winery, distributor, agency) can  visibly and clearly understand exactly where customers are looking for wine and where to focus sales and marketing efforts.

Limitless Implications For Wine Data

There is virtually no limit when it comes to Enolytics capacity for aggregating data. Want to know the most popular cities for Cabernet Franc that retails at $19.99 a bottle? Enolytics can build you a report. Want to know how many bottles of wine were sold in Los Angeles compared to San Francisco during the last two weeks of November in 2017? Just ask Enolytics.

When it comes to aggregating wine data and making it digestible, Cathy Huyghe and her team are second to none. As huge supporters of the wine industry, their mission is to help both companies and consumers have better wine experiences.

"We believe that wine deserves better, on both the consumer side and the producer side. We can do better, by harnessing tools and information to deliver the stories and the pleasure of wine in more effective, efficient and entertaining ways. That's what we want to see. More pleasure. Better business. More satisfied wine lovers." -

It's safe to say they are making that happen, one piece of data at a time.

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Written by Jacob Moynihan

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