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The Lowdown...with Chris Sawyer, Somm to the Stars

By Merchant23 Inc. on   2016-11-02 22:04:08

Sheldon 2012 Roma's Vineyard Pinot Noir

For Pinot Noir lovers, a drive through Anderson Valley is one of the joys of the New World. Located along the romantic route along Hwy 128 heading towards the beautiful coastlands of Mendocino County, this lovely region is laced with Pinot Noir vineyards influenced by warm days, cool nights, and maritime breezes that blow in from the Pacific Ocean less than seven miles away.

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Sell Wine Better With These 5 TED Talks

By Merchant23 Inc. on   2016-10-10 22:16:25

Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge of wine, find out where wine fits in your life, or figure out the keys to wine success, we’ve got it all right here. TED talk presenters like Gary Vaynerchuk, Wojtek Bonkowski, Ben Wallace, Jeannie Cho Lee and Sarah Wolcott enlighten you with their insight to the wine industry. These TED talks will empower and inspire you to sell wine to any consumer, anytime. 

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How to really impress someone with a bottle of wine

By Merchant23 Inc. on   2016-10-04 18:15:52

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