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Sell Wine Better With These 5 TED Talks

Oct 10, 2016 3:16:25 PM / by Merchant23 Inc.

Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge of wine, find out where wine fits in your life, or figure out the keys to wine success, we’ve got it all right here. TED talk presenters like Gary Vaynerchuk, Wojtek Bonkowski, Ben Wallace, Jeannie Cho Lee and Sarah Wolcott enlighten you with their insight to the wine industry. These TED talks will empower and inspire you to sell wine to any consumer, anytime. 

Do what you love. No Excuses! 

Gary Vaynerchuk tells us "whatever you need to do, do it!" to be happy.


The Sixth Sense of Wine

Our five senses are simply not enough when it comes to the full wine experience. Wojtek Bonkowski teaches us that the missing link is the memories our five senses envoke. Help your customers recall memories through taste.


The price of happiness

Everything has a price tag, but are some things just not worth it? Ben Wallace explores the finer things in life like wine, cars and fancy food.

How wine keeps you slim, healthy and humble

Jeannie introduces us to her "wine diet" encouraging us to "become a food and wine hedonist - be discriminating, eat slow and be mindful." Introduce the "wine diet" to your customers to transform them too.


Myth Busting Wine

Misconceptions are everywhere in the wine world. Sarah Wolcott puts them to rest in her insightful talk about how we can enjoy wine without concern for rules and to just go for it and trust your pallette.

Which TED talk is most inspiring to you? Do you have any other favorites not already on this list? Share them in the comments below!

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