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5 Hangover Cures You Haven’t Already Tried

Nov 3, 2017 12:25:00 PM / by Jacob Moynihan

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We've all been there. 'One drink' turned in to 'one too many' drinks, and now your pounding headache is a constant reminder of why you tried to limit yourself in the first place. After taking Advil, chugging Pedialyte, and eating the greasiest food possible, your hangover is still raging on. Thankfully, we've found 5 lesser known, science-backed hangover cures to help you get back on your feet! We can all drink to that.

1. The bee's knees


Recent studies have discovered that the high levels of antioxidants and fructose in honey speed up the hangover recovery process.

According to chemistry academic Dr. John Emsley, “the fructose in honey is an essential compound that helps the body break down alcohol into harmless by-products... The body uses the fructose found in honey to convert the acetaldehyde made during alcohol metabolism into acetic acid, a substance that is “burned up naturally by the body.”

That's a very scientific way of saying more honey = faster recovery. We recommend pouring honey into a warm tea to #hydrate.


2. The 30-gulp chug

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Speaking of #hydrating, it's common knowledge that water is your best friend when it comes to hangovers. However, you know that nobody remembers to OR wants to be constantly pounding water while they're out. Thankfully, there's the 30 gulp chug.

Originating in the United Kingdom the 30-gulp chug goes like this; you stumble home, put your head under the running sink, and take 30 gulps of water. Don't stop until you hit 30. Then tuck yourself into bed (or the floor if it's that kind of night).

Come morning your body will have had enough water to repair itself during the night while you were sleeping, and you won't wake up with the dreaded cotton mouth. Talk about a win-win.


3. Do *not* reach for your cup of joe in the morning

Repeat after me: do not drink coffee after a night of drinking. While it probably sounds like the perfect pick-me-up, coffee is arguably one of the worst things you can do for a hangover.  

“Caffeine constricts blood vessels, which can make headaches even worse,” says Isabel Smith, R.D., a New York City-based dietitian. “Also, remember that coffee is a diuretic, so in a situation where you're already dehydrated, you do not want to lose any more fluid.”

If you're a caffeine addict and need something to get you going reach for tea (with honey!) or an apple; both contain small doses of caffeine and they'll hydrate you.


4. Let the (liquid) sunshine in

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 As your body metabolizes alcohol its makes aldehyde (not to be confused with acetaldehyde), the most hangover-causing metabolite. However, Vitamin C can block this conversion

When you wake up chug a glass of orange juice — or even better — a packet of Emergen-C mixed in orange juice. It's pretty difficult to overdose on Vitamin C, so the more the merrier!


5. Sprite meets science


A research team in China found that of 57 beverages tested, Sprite was the best at helping with hangovers. While Sprite is typically used to curb nausea (a common hangover symptom), the team found that it also boosts the production of an enzyme that breaks down acetaldehyde. Less acetaldehyde = quicker recovery. 



Different things work for every person, but these hangover cures are worth a shot! (pun intended) Do you have remedies of your own that should be added to our list? Add them in the comments below, and let us know if these worked for you. Oh - and cheers to a speedy recovery! 


*These claims have not been evaluated by medical professionals and Merchant23, Inc. does not condone the over-consumption of alcohol.

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Written by Jacob Moynihan

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