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3 Examples of Seductive Branding

Jun 24, 2019 4:31:50 PM / by Cyrus Azari


Brand Building on the Mechanism of Metal Cogwheels.



Is your wine just fermented grape juice? Of course it isn’t, your wine is more than just juice or a product, it's an experience in a 750ml glass bottle.


When I’m buying a bottle of wine, I’m not buying the liquid inside the bottle, I’m buying the privilege of opening up a bottle over a nice dinner with my friends, regaling them with good stories.


It's the experience your bottle is giving me, and how it improves the quality of my life.

The majority of wine brands create a label that they think is great and fail to think about how it's going to enhance the life of the consumer. One thing the big brands get is that they create an emotional connection with the audience and the brand itself. 


Look at this Corona Commercial - I know, beer, but bear with me here. They do a great job with emotional branding.


The beer is always presented in the context of doing something, partying, relaxing, anything that is associated with fun and personal entertainment. They don’t talk about the Corona qualities or features, or how it compares to other beers. No, they only mention how when you want to “turn off” from work/stress/real life, the Corona Gets Its Lime.


This commercial is designed to supplant your consciousness with “If I’m putting lime in my Corona, I’m about to have a great time.” That's an improvement to your quality of life, full stop.


Even with having the awareness of this, it still works. When I see a Corona I think about relaxing and limes. They got me.


Graeme Newell, an emotional marketing expert, outlines how Corona does its advertising, (I highly encourage you to go and watch that five-minute video) and it's incredibly emotional. What they do is hold a mirror to the customer, their audience. They use their advertisements as an engine for priming you emotionally. 


You will notice that all the example commercials throughout this document all play to emotions.


Corona’s slogan is “Find your beach.” Find your relaxation and calm is the emotional message. They’re so damn good at this that Graeme Newell says himself “my heart rate goes down when I hold a Corona.”


And you can get them too - just keep these things in mind:


Tell the story you want your customers to experience. Like the example above, showcase how people will use your product. Showing your customer the experience of popping that cork with their friends and the anticipated excitement to come will make your product much more desirable. Show how people will have a better quality of life by using your product.

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Let's take another example from Dom Pérignon. Click this link and watch the video.


Notable quotes from the video:


“This is the place where it happens, whatever it is.”

“Behold, all of these live wires, high voltage souls, high wattage minds, eager to be connected, eager to meet, eager to collide, and inspire one another.”


Dom Pérignon is expensive champagne. This ad has a clear audience - the elite, the people that can afford to buy such expensive champagne. They’re positioning the consumer and emotionally appealing to them by saying they have a high voltage soul, a high wattage mind. When you’re drinking Dom Pérignon it's because you’re high-class mover and shaker of the world, or at least they want you to feel that way.


The ad is targeted at elites and executes its beautifully. This is the power of leveraging a brand towards a target audience.


Doing so will increase your sales because people will see your brand in a more positive light. See how Niel Patel talks about the importance of storytelling.


“When a customer purchases your product, they must feel as if they are buying part of the story.”

Take some time right now and reflect on what story you are trying to tell. How can opening a bottle of your wine help your customers with their daily challenges? How can you emotionally connect with them and genuinely add value to their lives? 


Let's take this a step further, and look at the Share A Coke Campaign. Coke-Cola launched a campaign that would allow people to personalize their Coke bottles with their names or friends. The result?


(i) The ratio of young to adult consumption of Coca-Cola was up by 7%.


(ii) The campaign earned around 18.3k likes on Facebook.


(iii) The Facebook page grew by 39% in terms of fans.


(iv) Around 76,000 virtual Coke cans were shared online.


(v) A total of 378,000 custom Coke cans were printed across the country.


It’s no longer a Coka-Cola, it's a personalized gift for my friend or family member. They focused on the end user experience, how this plays a role in their lives.


How can you personalize at your winery? How can you make your customers feel like they are apart of your experience. Wineries are whimsical magical places where grape juice turns into wine, it's like an adult Disneyland, capitalize on that! 


Individualize your customers. Maybe allow them to get etched bottles, give them VIP experiences, surprise barrel tastings - what can you do to create memorable experiences that make customers feel more apart of your story  


Showcase how your product impacts the end user’s life and experience. Show the user how your product fits the context of their lives and how it will give them a radical experience and make their quality of life better.


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Written by Cyrus Azari

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